I’m delighted to be spending this Mother’s Day in Santa Cruz /Watsonville, having brunch with my mom and then hearing her perform as a member of the Santa Cruz County Symphony (SCCS).  I’ve attended many concerts over the years, and I’ve always been inspired by my mother, her fellow performers, and the beautiful music they make together. Along the way, I’ve discovered that certain musical moments, for whatever reason, have special power to touch places deep in listeners’ souls. I experienced one of those moments last March, at a previous SCCS concert, during a performance of Liszt’s Second Piano Concerto.

It’s taken me over a year, and several attempts, to find the words to describe the incredible joy, hope and general sense of well-being those few marvelous measures gave me. I still can’t really do the moment justice, but the poem below is my attempt. Thank you, Mom, for bringing so much beautiful music into our family!


Although the music has been lovely to this point
I am in no way emotionally prepared
            for this lush orchestral entrance—
with its downbeat so sure and strong
            its chord so consonant and bright
that it suddenly seems as if anything is possible:
            audacious hopes may be realized
            crippling fears dispelled
            fractured relationships restored
            and festering wounds healed
under the gentle touch
of a master who knows
that in that cleansing moment
            when dissonance is washed away
            in a resolving flood
life’s intractable problems
            become marvelously malleable.

© 2012
Alexis Spencer-Byers


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