Alexis Spencer-Byers is a poet and copy-editor currently living in the Los Angeles area. After receiving a B.A. in English from Amherst College, Alexis spent several years in Jackson, Mississippi, working for a variety of community development/racial reconciliation nonprofits and co-founding Koinonia Coffee House. She has authored, co-authored or contributed to a number of books, including Urban Verses, Stepping Out From the Shadows, From Oppression to Jubilee JusticeBending Toward the Light, and Hurricane Blues.


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  1. Welcome, Alexis. I am a fan of Heather Grace Stewart’s and a fellow writer (unpublished and struggling…..you know, the starving artist thing, lol). I look forward to reading your blogs and sharing your work with my friends!

  2. If you get a moment, check out my latest blog update. No heavy reading required! This one is light and silly! Hope you like it! And thanks for the lovely note! Be well, my new friend! xoJulia

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